Alexander Dyomkin
I am a contemporary artist based out of Ryazan, Russia,
specializing in street-art and public-art.
I was born in the small city of Shilovo, Ryazan region in 1994.
In 2007 I started my creative activity as a graffiti-writer. Currently, I actively participate in exhibitions and projects
of street art throughout Russia.

My main topics are studying the development of humans inner qualities, their reaction to everyday experiences and situations. The alternation of work in the studio and in the urban context, gives me the opportunity to look at these topics in a new way.
"Immersion" For Present Perfect Festival Saint Petersburg 2018
"Sleep" 2018
Short video by Kirill Kurbatov about my activities. From it, you can find out how I started as a graffiti writer, what inspires me, as well as fragments of the workflow.
Always open:
+7 953 731 31 71

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